Storrs FABlabs


The Storrs FABlabs aim to inspire creative action through experimentation. We exist to exploit possibilities of making through meaningful material assemblies in the contemporary environment. 

The wood, metal and digital labs are located on the ground floor in Storrs. The labs are comprised of a wide-range of state-of-the-art tools and equipment to facilitate the craft of making. The labs are used by qualified students and faculty of the College of Arts+Architecture who:

  1. Are enrolled or employed and have completed a basic orientation session, OR
  2. Have been approved by the Lab Director as competent in the safe use of the equipment.

The wood and metal labs encompass over 1000 square feet of workspace. Students have access to the labs during the week and weekends. Safety of all students is the top priority, and during all weekday, evening, and weekend shifts there is a student monitor present. The wood lab is fully equipped with a large variety of woodworking tools, including: a table saw, three band saws, two chops saws, two scroll saws, drill presses, a planer and jointer. Additionally, a wide variety of hand tools are available for student use, including; jig saws, drills, biscuit jointers, routers, tapes, levels, squares, nail guns, chisels, etc.

The student monitors are available to ensure proper use of all tools and machines. With the School's equipment students can work with a variety of material. The labs are able to handle all types of wood, as well as non-ferrous metals (aluminum, brass and copper), laminates and plexi-glass.