International Study

The SoA strongly encourages International Study, which provides future architects with a competitive advantage in an increasingly globalized milieu. 

Accordingly, our students are offered a range of opportunities to study in locations across the globe:

In January 2018, the SoA will launch its first-ever semester-length study abroad program - in Rome.

In Summer 2017, the SoA will offer international study opportunities in Rio de Janeiro, and Seoul, Korea.

In any given year, the SoA sponsors one or more Summer Study programs. Recent program locations have included Rome, Central Europe, Scandianvia and China, as well as an Urban Design summer program in Brazil. 

The SoA supports several longstanding student exchange programs in England, Denmark, China, and other countries, providing fourth-year architecture students to enroll during the spring semester, with extensive possibilities for personal travel and research.

To learn more about our Rome program, one of our most popular study destinations, please watch this video.

“The courses I took while in Rome exposed me to its immense culture from many different angles. The mapping class helped me to experience lesser-known areas of the city through the study of movement and occupation patterns in space. While focusing on real-time occurrences in the field, we also focused on the development of places overtime in connection to the patterns that were found. Similarly, the graphic design course pushed me to study my surroundings mindfully. I was trained to think critically about the cultural differences within the city’s society and then taught how to represent my reactions in a visual manner. Overall this experience has left me with an abundance of new skills and perspectives that I look forward to utilizing in the future.” Kacie Ward, architecture student, ROME2016