Summer Programs

Our summer study abroad programs provide our students the opportunity to infuse their education with valuable inter-cultural experience while earning typically three to six credit hours toward their degrees.

BOSNIA-HERCEGOVINA: Conflict + Coexistence
[May 16 - 31] 2 weeks / 3.0 credit hours
Led by Associate Professor Emily Makas - School of Architecture + Assistant Professor Jill Massino - History


For hundreds of years, Bosnia-Hercegovina has been known as multicultural, multi-confessional, and multinational. While much of these centuries of coexistence were marked by cooperation or “antagonistic tolerance,” in the past century Bosnia witnessed significant intergroup division during a series of major international wars that pitted its people against one another and marked dramatic shifts in political context. Focusing on Sarajevo, this trip will explore the history and legacy of conflict and coexistence in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The built environment will provide a lens for understanding the continuing significance of these conflicts today. Students will visit and analyze public spaces and buildings significant to the conflicts as well as the museums and memorial landscapes dedicated to their history and memory. Though primarily based in Sarajevo, students will also visit other sites in Bosnia-Hercegovina and neighboring Croatia, including Mostar, Srebrenica, Banja Luka, and Jasenovac. SEE:    

COURSES: ARCH 4205 I 5205;  HIST 3001 | 5001

[ May 26-June 30 ] 5 weeks / 6.0 credit hours
Led by Professor Jeffrey Nesbit—School of Architecture

Seoul, Korea

Set in the north-east Asian mega-city of Seoul, South Korea, SEOUL STUDIO was initiated in 2012 to  generate sensitive questions concerning current large-scale capital development strategies within this enormous megalopolis.  The goal of the studio is to investigate how architecture influences the city by Seoul-specific identities.  By traveling to and working within Seoul, students are fully engaged and establish a sensible understanding of diverse urban patterns while simultaneously responding architecturally within particular cultural, social, and political pressures.  Excitingly, Seoul Studio has been invited to participate in the Seoul Architecture and Urbanism Biennale 2017 - work completed in this program will be exhibited amongst the international works.  This intensive study abroad program charges the student to “see” differently.  Participants work through two primary modes based on (1) found and measurable understanding of Seoul’s complex urban strata and (2) employment of lessons learned into speculative design criteria in the form of a project.  Therefore, half of the program is conducted “in the field” (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) and the other half “in the studio” (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). 

Seoul Studio offers two - 3 hr Arch electives, total 6 credits for the program:
(1) ARCH 4050/6050 - Measures and Mapping (3 Credit Hours)
(2) ARCH 4050/6050 - Urban Speculations (3 Credit Hours) 

RIO 2017 Urban Design Global Studio: Hyper-density, Complexity and Verticality
[June 3-July 2, 2017] 4 weeks / 6.0 credit hours
Led by Professor José Gamez

Rio de Janeiro

This interdisciplinary graduate program (MUD + LTAM) wraps up a 3-year initiative focusing upon differing global urban conditions within Rio de Janeiro with an emphasis upon the role of climate change in 21st century urbanism.  This program offers 6 credits of graduate coursework in Urban Design and Latin American Studies (3 credits of studio or independent study and 3 credits of urban topics seminar).

Past Study Abroad Programs