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Study Abroad Programs

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Our summer study abroad programs provide our students the opportunity to infuse their education with valuable inter-cultural experience while earning typically three to six credit hours toward their degrees.

[Feb 26-Mar 8]
Led by Profs. Thomas Forget and Emily Makas
Students in a history seminar and fourth year topical studio will spend spring break in Berlin, Germany as an integral part of Spring 2015 courses.
2015 INDIA_Four Cities, Four Directions
[May 18-June 19]
Led by Prof. Peter Wong with Manoj Kesavan
A unique opportunity in a part of the world as yet unexplored by students at the School of Architecture.  This program will collaborate with the University of Ahmedabad. (5 weeks, 6 credits).  Details will be announced at a later date.
[Dates of Travel: TBA]
Led by Prof. Jose Gamez
Masters of Urban Design students will travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to study contermporary urban challenges in one of the world's largest, most complex cities.
2016: Rome_Surveying the City
[Dates of Travel: TBA]
Led by Profs. Jeff Balmer, Chris Beorkrem, Eric Sauda, Jim Frakes, and Aspen Hochhalter

An interdisciplinary and collaborative study abroad program between faculty and students across three academic units, in architecture, art and computer science. (5 weeks, 6 credits).  Details will be announced at a later date.

Past Study Abroad Programs