Undergraduate Study in the School of Architecture

The School of Architecture (SoA) is devoted to the energetic study of architecture and its influence on our everyday lives. Faculty and students are committed to a stimulating, open-minded and creative discourse, exploring design thinking and new forms of building, discovering collaborative practices that nurture human potential, and pursuing transformative research. We engage in creative interdisciplinary work, alliances with the profession and industry, and active community participation. Our students understand how to integrate their voices with others to influence the art and science of architecture.

The creation of architecture is inherently complex, requiring design vision and competence, effective visual communication and literacy, technological knowledge, environmental responsibility, sophisticated problem solving skills, creative leadership, and cultural, historical and theoretical perspective. Architects must possess knowledge of science and liberal arts, ethics, critical thinking, and research methods.  Architects understand the value of building an intellectual foundation that embraces the widest possible range of knowledge and ideas. The SoA seeks to provide both a liberal and a professional education based on a holistic view of the built environment that prepares undergraduate students to become future community and architectural leaders.

The mission of the SoA is to provide intellectual, ethical and innovative leadership in architecture and urban design. We aim to further the discourse between the theory and practice of architecture through the education and training of students, the work and research of the faculty, and ongoing engagement with the University, the profession, and the community. We invite you to join us in this quest to question, apply knowledge, speculate, and engage in the discourse of how architecture shapes our lives.

The SoA offers pre-professional and professional, accredited undergraduate degrees in architecture:

Bachelors of Arts in Architecture (B.A. in Arch.)
4-Year, Pre-Professional Degree (128 credit hours)

Bachelors of Architecture (B.Arch.)
1-Year, NAAB-accredited Professional Degree (30 credit hours)

SoA Undergraduate Program Director
Associate Professor Jeffrey Balmer