Bachelor of Architecture

Center City Building in Uptown CharlotteThe SoA maintains accredited status through the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB), which reviews curriculum, facilities, faculty, and program resources.  Both the Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Architecture degree programs are fully accredited by NAAB.  Click here for the School of Architecture's ARE Pass Rates.

The Bachelor of Architecture degree program at UNC Charlotte's School of Architecture offers students who have completed a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Architecture (or equivalent degree) from a NAAB-accredited institution the opportunity to continue their architectural education within a vibrant urban community that includes a broad collection of architectural practices, consultant firms, and other design-related resources.  The location of the program in Uptown Charlotte at the Center City Building embeds students and faculty within the lifeblood of the profession.  The program is structured to take advantage of the personal and material resources of the city with the objective to produce civic-minded and technologically adept professionals.

The curriculum of the Bachelor of Architecture Program has evolved in recent years in response to significant developments in architectural theory, practice, and education. The program foregrounds two critical contemporary issues in particular: the emergence of new sensibilities regarding the role of architecture in the public realm and the transformative role of technology in the production of the built environment.  As the decentralized complexity of contemporary life begins to resist traditional formal hierarchies, program typologies, and notions of site, future architects need to re-imagine historical paradigms of building, function, and context.  Likewise, as traditional modes of design and construction become increasingly subjected to new technologies, architects need to reconsider how designers navigate and control multiple modes of technology, and how the traditional distinction between design and construction is evolving.

Each semester of the program is designed to integrate the NAAB-requirements into a holistic vision of the profession, which includes a synthesis of technological and social concerns, as well as the production of compelling analytical visualizations of architecture and its context at multiple scales. 

The two-semester curriculum of the B.Arch. program consists of 30 credit hours:

Fall Semester (15 hours):

  • ARCH 4103 Integrated Design Studio
  • ARCH 4305 Building Systems Integration
  • ARCH 4205 History of Urban Form
  • ARCH 4050 Directed Architectural Elective

Spring Semester (15 hours):

  • ARCH 4104 Design Inquiry Studio
  • ARCH 4206 Professional Practice 
  • ARCH 4050 Practitioner Symposia Series 
  • ARCH 4050 Directed Architectural Elective

Bachelor of Architecture Curriculum

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