“Art-making is above all a process of inquiry.”  - Mary Jane Jacob

The College of Arts + Architecture is a community of visual & performing artists and design professionals who work in both intellectual and material practices.  Through education, expertise, and leadership the College models excellence in teaching, scholarly and creative research, and performance.  The College is a vessel for curious individuals and skilled problem solvers who care about the impact of our work on people and the complex social challenges we face.

By extension of our mission, the College of Arts + Architecture commits to the following goals and objectives:

  1. Emphasize how the arts and architecture connect individuals and cultures, demand collaboration across disciplines, and promote affiliations between the university and discipline partners.
  2. Develop professional programs and extended research and creative scholarship opportunities in all units for both faculty and students.
  3. Recognize and support those skills and opportunities that build creative leadership potential through campus, regional, and international initiatives.
  4. Invigorate the environments we occupy through exhibition, presentation, joint programming, and community engagement.
  5. Support diverse student interests and career opportunities through a balance of general education, disciplined skill development, and comprehensive student services.