Rowe Galleries

The Rowe Arts Building houses three primary exhibition spaces: the Rowe ( Main & Upper ) Galleries and the Side Gallery. Each year exhibitions feature the work of regional, national, and international visiting artists, as well as work by students and faculty from the Department of Art & Art History. To receive emails about upcoming exhibitions, please click here.

The galleries are open Monday-Friday 10:00 am to 4:00 pmFREE PARKING is available for gallery openings. 

Next Exhibition

The Department of Art & Art History presents concurrent shows by two new faculty members, Andrew Levintis and Ally Sulpy, with gallery talks and an opening reception January 18. The exhibitions run January 9-27.

Andrew Leventis: Re-Collections

Assistant Professor Andrew Leventis is an oil painter who references imagery from film and television in his work. "My work appropriates televised imagery to reflect on society’s connection to mass-produced media images. With social media and Facebook advertising, the human being is represented ever more as commodity. My painting traces the history of humans exhibiting possession and ownership of one another through things-necklaces, photos, souvenirs, and other such still-life memorabilia. In this sense, my painting acknowledges the history of humans conceiving of one another as commodities. Yet at the same time, it attempts to re-establish the human being as cherished, emotive, thinking, original, and individual. It acknowledges the tendency to objectify the human, yet attempts to represent the human as something besides demographic fragment, as a commodity."

painting of girl watching TV


Alessandra Sulpy: Store Facades and other stories

Store Front painting by Ally Sulpy
Lecturer Alessandra (Ally) Sulpy is a figurative/surrealist painter. Three interconnected series make up this exhibition: "All three series express my interest in an anachronistic half-reality apart from our time and eyeshot, and explore my perception of a zeitgeist or a point in time I can never be a part of." Store Facades reminagines largely forgotten small-town American business districts, focusing on the dust, decay and dereliction found in the suburban rust-belt towns where Sulpy has often lived. Bland Intruders is a spin-off of Store Facades, and focuses on the hidden "fern" – here understood to be any (probably fake) potted plant. Beefcakes explores the men’s clothing catalogs and “muscle” magazines of the 1960s and 70s. "With my paintings, I try to reintroduce vitality back into these places by introducing larger-than-life elements, such as collage, fluorescence, and glowing signage. I allude to the superimposed elements of time through vintage ephemera, transient space, and layered paint."