Print Labs

The Storrs Print Lab operates for the benefit of the students of the College of Arts + Architecture. The college pays for the student assistants, and the students are charged a minimal amount to cover the cost of paper and ink. Located in room 222B of the Storrs building, the lab is open six days a week with different hours each day. Lab hours are posted on a digital screen outside of the lab door or can be seen by visiting the link below.  Please note that these hours are subject to change at any time.  Check back here or call the print lab during open hours to inquire. 

See additional details and announcements regarding the print lab, on our facebook page:  CoAA Print Lab 


The Print Lab will be open starting Monday, August 25, 2014.


Fall 2014 Regular Lab Schedule

Fall 2014 Midterm Lab Schedule

Fall 2014 Finals Lab Schedule


The print lab can accommodate almost all of your printing needs, from US Letter to 44" photo reproductions. While we do the best to get the best color possible, it is highly advisable to do a test print before sending your final prints, as colors can shift from the screen to the printer.

All printing is charged through a system known as PaperCut. The system acts as an escrow account for student printing. Students purchase "top up" cards with their 49er card, then enter the card number into their PaperCut account. Their account is then credited and they can print until their balance reaches zero. Balances can be transferred to other students, but can not be taken out of the PaperCut system. Jobs that did not print will not be charged, and refunds can be requested online. All refunds go back into the student's PaperCut account.