Lab Software Request Guidelines


  1. Only UNC Charlotte faculty and/or staff can request that software be installed in the computer classrooms or labs.
  2. Software installation requests are handled as they are received. Priority will be given to requests for academic courses.
  3. All software installed on computer classroom and/or lab machines must be site-licensed or licensed for a specific number of machines in the desired classroom. CoA+A IT is unable to restrict software on computer classrooms to a specific set of users.
  4. The software must be properly licensed by the owner of the software, which may be a department or UNC Charlotte.
  5. All requests will be considered based on the following factors: system security, performance, usability, reliability, and interference with other installed software.
  6. The software must be consistent with the platform-dependent system security model.
  7. Software to be installed must not interfere with the existing system architecture.
  8. The requesting party must be available for consultation with CoA+A IT staff on configuration issues.
  9. Different versions of the same software are considered separate software installations.

By submitting the software request installation form, I agree to the following terms and conditions for installing and removing software:

  1. I am responsible for testing the software package after it has been installed in the computer classroom(s) or lab to make sure it functions the way I expect it to function. (Please make sure you test this in the classroom and not on your personal machine. It may function differently in a computer classroom environment.)
  2. I understand that the turnaround time for software installations may take up to 10 business days.
  3. I am responsible for renewing software installations each academic term if applicable; otherwise the software may be removed.
  4. I verify that I am licensed to use the number of copies indicated on this form and I understand that this application will be accessible from the computers in the computer classroom(s) or lab(s) in which the software is installed.

Lab Software Request Form