Research Centers

The College of Arts + Architecture contains research centers to promote the depth of faculty and student scholarship and the opportunity to collaborate with partners in creative thinking and expression. The College of Arts + Architecture's research centers are:

Digital Arts Center

The Digital Arts Center (d-Arts) began as the Digital Design Center in the College of Architecture and, since the founding of the College of Arts + Architecture, has become a lively venue for collaborative, multi-disciplinary activity that generates new arts through new media. D-Arts projects fall into four primary categories: digital fabrication, urban visualization, responsive environments, and performance. 


City.Building.Lab is an interdisciplinary center in the School of Architecture which addresses issues of community development and empowerment through a wide range of advocacy-based practices and strategic partnerships in order to address the challenges facing our diverse communities. The C.B.L focuses on social equity to repair our local landscapes, to enrich our cultural environments, and to create visions for positive change that will lead us well into the 21st century.

Center for Integrated Building Design Research

The Center for Integrated Building Design Research (CIBDR) is focused on how collaboration and integration of building science provides a comprehensive approach to architectural practice. The work of CIBDR is facilitated through two laboratories: The Daylighting + Energy Performance Laboratory, which advances applied knowledge through detailed study of architectural energy systems and lighting technology research, and The Laboratory for Innovative Housing, which focuses on sustainability and design/build methods of practice.