Study Abroad

International study provides our graduates with a competitive advantage in an increasingly globalized milieu. Accordingly, the Department of Art & Art History strongly encourages its students to participate in study programs across the globe. Among the study abroad opportunities is a recurring summer program in Rome, Italy.

Rome 2020
Art & Art history, filmmaking, and italian language + culture
May 12-June10

Rome is the city of echoes, the city of illusions, and the city of yearning.
-Giotto di Bondone, Renaissance painter

Learning from this city, students will engage with one of the most resonant cultural environments in the world. Unprecedented in its continuity and duration, Rome’s historic center affords students a densely layered urban laboratory, while the contemporary city offers up myriad lessons toward understanding global forces now shaping major metropolitan centers throughout the industrialized world.

Living in this city, walking its streets to and from our classroom, shopping for dinner, becoming increasingly attuned to its rhythms – its peculiarities, its quotidian routines – students become enmeshed by the living culture of Rome, one in which art, and history, in its myriad manifestations, enjoys a central significance and ubiquitous visibility. Living within such a culture comes as something of a revelation, and can provide a lifetime’s worth of inspiration.

Filmmaking + Art History + Street Photography + Contemporary Studio Art + Italian Language & Culture

Five courses will be offered during the program, and students can take up to three. Students can choose to study Italian Language and Culture, Italian film and filmmaking, the dense layers of Art History, the living heart beat of the city through Street Photography, and the opportunity to explore their own art studio practice in relation to the vibrant Contemporary Art scene in Rome.

The program is designed for ALL majors and specifically to maximize your summer experience and course credits earned. You may take up to three classes (9 credits) and each class is cross-listed in various ways in order to allow the most flexibility– students can earn credit for: LBST, University Honors, Arts + Architecture Honors, Graduate level Architecture Studio and History, Italian Language, Film Studies, Art History, and Studio Art.

Visit UNC Charlotte's Office of Education Abroad for information on applying to the program as well as using financial aid to help pay for the program and scholarship opportunities.

For more information, contact Aspen Hochhalter.