About the CoA+A

In 2018, the College of Arts + Architecture (CoA+A) celebrated the 10th anniversary of our founding. As part of that celebration, we gathered stories of alumni into a multimedia platform, CoA+A Community. In words, sounds, pictures, and videos, our alumni share insights, confront challenges, and consider lessons they have learned both during their time at UNC Charlotte and in their lives beyond. We invite you to look, listen, watch, and read.

The work of the College of Arts + Architecture is based on three primary components: curriculum, faculty, and community. The curriculum is not static or permanent, as we are constantly engaging in new approaches and methods of cultural production and arts practice while continuing to teach the core skills of sight, sound, touch, movement, and representation. Our accomplished faculty are equally committed to excellent teaching and professional development in their field of expertise. We connect to the community through the act of discovering new potential in the places we live, work, and visit.

Today’s students are incredibly skilled, passionate, curious, and realistic, but they confront global challenges we’re just beginning to understand. The College is committed to preparing students for a lifetime of sustained art-making. Though the forms of art-making and design practice will change over time and according to new contexts, the core belief in the power of the arts to enhance people’s lives forms the bedrock of the CoA+A.

At the CoA+A, diversity is central to our mission; we value the many facets of human difference that contribute to inclusivity and excellence.