Academic Advising

The College of Arts + Architecture (CoA+A) has a wealth of resources available for students seeking academic and professional advice. These resources include professional Academic Advisors, Undergraduate Studies Coordinators, and faculty mentors. 

CoA+A Advising Mission

The mission of the College of Arts + Architecture Academic Advising Program is to create an information-sharing and decision-making framework that requires students to be active participants in their education, which in turn enables them to identify and accomplish their educational, personal, and career-related goals. Advising in the CoA+A is a collaborative process between students, advisors, and faculty that promotes academic success, encourages timely progression through degrees, and connects students with resources and opportunities within the CoA+A and UNC Charlotte.

Elena Payne-Wiens
Assistant Dean of Advising & Assessment

Megan Garner
Academic Advisor, Department of Art & Art History

Hannah Harrell
Performing Arts Academic Advisor

Meredith Klauss
Academic Advisor, School of Architecture

Emily Makas
Interim Associate Director, School of Architecture

Tesh Ramey
Arts Education Specialist (Art, Dance, Music, Theatre)