At the CoA+A, diversity is central to our mission; we value the many facets of human difference that contribute to inclusivity and excellence.

Over the past several years, members of our faculty have attended leadership training and diversity symposiums on our campus as well as important conferences off campus, such as those presented by the North Carolina Diversity and Inclusion Partners and the Association of American Colleges & Universities (Diversity, Learning, and Student Success: Policy, Practice, Privilege). We have hosted national leaders on Diversity and Inclusion to our campus to speak, present, and/or perform for our students, faculty, and staff. Our guests have included Dr. Lester Monts (Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs from the University of Michigan), First Wave Hip Hop Theater (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Dr. Eddie Moore (America & MOORE, LLC).

At the University a conscious effort is made to not only recognize the campus community as diverse but also to prepare our students for life’s diverse conditions.  See the full overview of the University’s Diversity Plan.

The 2019-2020 CoA+A Diversity Council:

Aly Amidei (Theater)
Nadia Anderson (Architecture)

David Gall (Art & Art History)

Hali Hutchison (PAS)

Kim Jones (Dance)

Kelsey Klotz (At-Large)

Jennifer Whitaker (Music, Council Chair)

Diversity Newsletter