Student Learning Outcomes


May 2019

Vision statement: The Department of Dance at UNC Charlotte offers a diverse, open-access curriculum and awards Bachelor of Arts degrees and certificates. Through our commitments to creative practice, inquiry, performance, pedagogy, inclusivity, cultural awareness, and community engagement, we aspire to develop dance professionals and dance aware-citizens, to help build UNC Charlotte’s identity as an urban research university, and to hold a unique place among dance programs nationally.


SLO 1: Creative Practice and Inquiry (covering all modes of communication, including written and oral communication skills) 

Knowledges/ Ways of Knowing/ Habits of Mind and Body

  • Generate ideas through: exploration (physical, technological, and/or aural); analysis of and response to existing works of art and scholarship; and in relationship to political and social ideas and environments
  • Compose ideas into communications (performed, written, oral) that are structurally, aesthetically, and intellectually sound and sensitive to diverse communities.
  • Demonstrate the ability to express and communicate evidence, ideas, and opinions through clear and cogent writing.
  • Think critically, exploring generated ideas in relationship to desired aesthetic and social/ cultural outcomes
  • Re-enter creative and inquiry processes to deepen understanding and improve communication.
  • Self-reflect, exploring encounters with self; disciplines; communities; environments; personal practices, and creative and academic work.
  • Develop an introductory knowledge of writing for dance: self-reflection, critique, proposal writing.


SLO 2: Bodily and Performance Practices

Knowledges/ Ways of Knowing/ Habits of Mind and Body

  • Apply knowledge of anatomy and somatics practices to dance practice.
  • Demonstrate skills related to diverse dance genres/ styles. · Demonstrate terms and histories related to movement practices.
  • Demonstrate integration of theory and practice, understanding meanings made through movement to build consciousness around choice-making
  • Understand that movement makes meaning and how movement makes meaning.
  • Demonstrate nuanced understanding of aesthetic and expressive qualities appropriate to dance techniques and choreographed works.
  • Demonstrate corporeally the contextual knowledge and resistive possibilities encoded within the body by accessing multiple anthropological and activist potentialities of movement in choreography or pedagogical exercises. For example, anthropological (hula, samba, etc.); activist potentialities (krumping).


SLO 3: Pedagogical Skills

Knowledges/ Ways of Knowing/ Habits of Mind and Body

  • Conceive and create effective dance classroom sessions and other dance experiences that include clear, relevant learning objectives; appropriate, effective assessment methods; and comprehensive, engaging learning plans.
  • Skillfully facilitate sessions with K-12 students and/or community members in classroom and performance settings and in the field.


SLO 4: Professional and Leadership Skills

Knowledges/ Ways of Knowing/ Habits of Mind and Body

  • Develop knowledge of diverse choreographic, musical, historical, and intellectual dance practices and “texts.”
  • Develop the ability to think and work across areas of knowledge and practice.
  • Develop the habits of self-education and lifelong learning, especially by regularly reading and attending arts events.
  • Strengthen self- discipline, organizational skills, and confidence. · Display abilities to work independently and in collaboration with others.
  • Strengthen interpersonal skills, including the capacity for problem solving, conflict resolution, and inter-generational and multi-cultural communication.
  • Demonstrate appropriate professional habits: be on time, work with energy and commitment, invest in personal rehearsal and reflection, display leadership skills and communityengagement by helping others.
  • Prepare for graduate-level study and/or jobs in dance professions through internships, independent projects, or by participating in a faculty-led research project.


SLO 5: Community-Building and Cultural Awareness Competencies

Knowledges/ Ways of Knowing/ Habits of Mind and Body

  • Develop an introductory knowledge of theories that impact understandings of individuals (identity) and communities (representations).
  • Develop abilities in self-reflection and sensitivity to diverse communities and peoples and apply them across dance experiences. Intercultural awareness, multicultural awareness.