Projective Eye Gallery, Fall 2020

No Redactions
Through October 16

Sheryl Oring transforms spoken words into visual entities. In so doing, she provides more personal and diverse perspectives on public opinion while giving a more empowered presence to individual voices. These unredacted transcriptions, taken during interviews with random volunteers, act as platforms for different voices and characterize the broad scope of our national conversation.

In 2004, with support from the First Amendment Project (Oakland, CA), Oring staged the first performance in her I Wish to Say project. Motivated by her belief in our Constitutional right of free expression, Oring created this project as a way to amplify the many voices that she felt were not being heard in this country. I Wish to Say is a multidimensional project where Oring sets up a portable office - complete with a manual typewriter - and invites people to dictate postcards to the President. Once a performance has concluded, Oring produces facsimiles of the transcriptions and mails the original postcards to the White House. To date, nearly 5,000 postcards have been sent to the President as part of this project. Performances have occurred around the country and, thanks to a grant from the Creative Capital Foundation, saw two national tours. Last March, Oring visited UNC Charlotte and staged three I Wish to Say performances. Nearly 40 responses were recorded and are included in this exhibition.

As an added component of this exhibition, Oring created 15 new designs that will be shown on five digital billboards located in and around uptown Charlotte.

Sheryl Oring is an artist, author, and educator. Currently, she is the Chair of the Art & Art History Department at Wayne State University in Detroit. She previously served as an Associate Professor of Art at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where she taught a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses in the New Media and Design curriculum and in the Lloyd International Honors College. She earned her M.F.A. in Visual Art from the University of California, Sand Diego and her B.S. degree in Journalism from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Swisher: A Retrospective
November 2 - January 8, 2021

Michael T. Swisher’s retirement last spring marked a 30-year teaching career. While an Associate Professor in the UNC Charlotte School of Architecture, Swisher taught first-year studio and an assortment of visual studies electives. What is well known by his students and colleagues, but perhaps not as generally prevalent, is the versatility of Swisher’s creative abilities. Although he taught within the School of Architecture, Swisher is not an architect. Instead, he is a designer, sculptor, and painter who assists architecture students with grasping the important fundamentals of visual design that then inform their architectural visions. Swisher’s paintings and drawings have been exhibited commercially for over two decades, and his functional designs have been utilized by the School of Architecture and private clients. This retrospective exhibition was curated by UNC Charlotte Associate Professor of Architecture Greg Snyder and explores Swisher’s multi-faceted career as an educator and professional artist