Rowe Main Galleries, Fall 2020

Working Title: 2020
September 4 - November 4
Rowe Lower Gallery

This exhibition features recent works by faculty and staff in the Department of Art & Art History and includes a diverse array of work, from still-life paintings to digital design. Working Title: 2020 offers us insight into what faculty have been working on in their own studios during this most unusual time. Exhibiting artists include Malena Bergmann, J.B. Burke, Keith Bryant, Bobby Campbell, Jane Dalton, Shelley Ellis, Cynthia Frank, Heather Freeman, Maja Godlewska, Aspen Hochhalter, Eldred Hudson, Anna Kenar, Kit Kube, Andrew Leventis, Jonathan Pellitteri, Marek Ranis, Kristin Rothrock, Thomas Schmidt, Erik Waterkotte, and Deborah Wall.

Not Another Word.
September 4 -- October 23 
Rowe Upper Gallery

Local artist Renee Cloud is fascinated by the written word and its universal impact. She uses text in her work to explore the many ways we consume and construe language. While realizing that semantics shapes our personal relationships with words, there remains a continual and binding line of communication among everyone. This exhibition will feature an array of media accompanied by an installation component.

“Language is my medium and the semiotics embodied by written words fascinates me. Our literate brains cannot ignore words; we see them as a string of letters that convey a meaning, and never just a series of characters. We are always reading, always consuming information without pause. My work capitalizes on the consumption of language. In my work I use text as a direct line of communication to establish a secure connection with the viewer. While interpretations of the words can vary, it is fact that they are words, none the less.”

Studio/Graphic Design BFA Exhibitions
Rowe Upper and Lower Galleries
December 9-20

Spring 2021

February 5 -- March 12: Ruin and Restoration
Virtual presentation: February 26

Artist Kristen Rowell uses many different materials when creating her abstract and representational works. Her commonly used materials are marble, steel, wood, sand, graphite, paint, and non-traditional materials such as spices. Her installations often intend to comment on our modern constructed environments, their material origins, and the debris left behind after their eventual collapse. For Ruin and Restoration Rowell designs and creates a site-specific installation accompanied by newly rendered drawings.

Kristen Rowell is a multi-media artist from Beaufort, South Carolina. She received her BFA in sculpture and painting from Winthrop University in 2018. She is currently the Visual Arts Coordinator at Central Piedmont Community College; an artist assistant to Shaun Cassidy, a Rock Hill-based sculptor who predominantly works with steel; and assists the McColl Center for Art + Innovation with managing their woodshop and sculpture studio.

March 26 -- April 21: Nathaniel Lancaster: Of Constant Concern
Virtual presentation: April 9

“I believe that I have a serious approach to making art, with a serious belief that not all work has to be serious. A sense of levity, whether it be subject, commentary, or title, keeps the work fresh and interesting for me. I do not worry about such labels as figurative or abstract art. Pulling from the well of art history as a research vehicle while keeping your work exciting is always my goal. Sometimes the old. Sometimes the new. Sometimes the work needs more information, sometimes restraint is called for. Sometimes it needs everything all the time.”

Award winning artist Nathaniel Lancaster maintains a studio in Charlotte. After earning his BFA in Painting from UNCC, he received residencies at the McColl Center for Art + Innovation and at Goodyear Arts. His works have been shown regionally and nationally at such venues as the Mint Museum, the North Caroline Museum of Art, Stephanie Chefas Projects (Portland, OR), and Craig Gallery (Los Angeles, CA), among others.

Of Constant Concern marks a sort of reemergence for Lancaster after a long and unpredictable year. This exhibition is an overview of paintings spanning the last 10 years.

May 3 -- May 16: Spring 2021 2D/3D Studio BFA Exhibitions

Graduating students earning rheir Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2D and 3D disciplines exhibit their final theses.

Rowe Side Gallery Exhibitions

The Rowe Arts Side Gallery is a student-centered exhibition venue that provides an opportunity for current UNC Charlotte studio art students to participate in a variety of exhibitions. The gallery is designed as a flexible space where students can explore unconventional methods of display and installation, as well as juried or curated exhibitions hosted by student organizations, classes, and studio areas of study.