Virtual Happy Hour with Artist Renee Cloud

part of gallery installation
October 7, 2020 - 7:00 PM
Virtual - Zoom

Rowe Galleries and Goodyear Arts invite you to join artist Renee Cloud for a Virtual Happy Hour and discussion of her installation, Not Another Word. Commissioned especially for the upper gallery in Rowe Arts, Not Another Word is a reflection on the challenges that 2020 has brought, using a muliplicity of media embedded with text.

In Not Another Word., Renee Cloud has created an immersive experience. A headspace. An internal dialogue. A place in which words are seen, not heard, but retain the ability to provoke anxiety. In light of today’s cacophony of spoken, written, memorized, recited, and regurgitated words, this installation intends to look inward on the effects that language can have on the individual psyche. And, furthermore, to simultaneously comment on the subjective nature of interpretation.

“Language is my medium and the semiotics embodied by written words fascinates me,” Cloud says. “My work capitalizes on the consumption of language. In my work I use text as a direct line of communication to establish a secure connection with the viewer. While interpretations of the words can vary, it is fact that they are words, none the less.” Learn more about Cloud and the installation.

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