Dedrick Perkins

Instructor, choreographer, owner/founder of Dedrick's Dance District, Charlotte

Bachelor of Arts in Dance, UNC Charlotte (2015)

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Dedrick Perkins was 21 years old and still a student at UNC Charlotte when he founded his own dance studio in Concord, N.C. He had begun teaching in studios in Monroe and Charlotte soon after coming to college and soon knew that he "valued the teaching aspect a lot more than performing.” Now in its third year, Dedrick's Dance District is thriving, and Dedrick is also traveling to choreograph and instruct at workshops at various high school and communities that provide dance programs and/or dance instructors outside of the Charlotte/Concord area. 

Dedrick's education at UNC Charlotte gave him the broad skill set he needed to succeed as a dancer, teacher, choreographer, and a businessman. 

"An educational experience I will never forget is working with Professor Delia Neil during my time at the university," he says. "Working with her helped me truly understand the importance of commitment and dedication to the art of dance or to anything that you choose to involve yourself in. The Spring 2014 semester, in particular, helped build the work ethic that I apply to my business daily."

Dedrick notes that the University's growth has benefitted its students: "Anyone attending UNC Charlotte should take advantage of the many opportunities that the university provides for each of us. Many of those opportunities only come across once in a lifetime."