Levin Huesler

Hometown: Biberstein, Switzerland
Bachelor of Arts in Dance

Give a little general information about yourself: how did you become interested in dance? How old were you when you began dancing? 

Ever since I can remember I've had an affinity for art. While all the other kids were out playing sports and cultivating friendships, I spent most of my time drawing, painting, reading, or dancing. I took a few dance classes when I was 12 but never pursued dance as a career because I did not think it was feasible. In hopes of scratching my artistic itch, I ended up starting an apprenticeship as a pastry chef when I was 16 years old. I graduated from the apprenticeship three
 years later, after which I spent a year in the Swiss Military as a medic. Only after much soul searching did I finally decide to pursue my dream of getting a dance education and moved back to Charlotte (where I had been born) at the age of 21.
What kind of career do you hope to have?

I would love to perform for as long as possible, but in the long run I want to get my MFA and work as a college professor. I also want to write about all kinds of dances, not as a dance critic but rather a dance analyst.
What is your favorite thing about UNC Charlotte, the College of Arts + Architecture, or the dance department?
The closeness we share is by far the best thing about the UNC Charlotte dance department. The professors take the time to get to know every student and invest a lot of time and energy into nurturing their talent. It may be a small department, but the community we share has truly made me feel at home and has encouraged me throughout my studies.
Do you participate in any community cultural activities or work in the Charlotte arts community? If so, please describe.
These past few years I have volunteered to help at the Women's Showcase, a dance event in Charlotte that features female choreographers from all over the U.S. I plan to volunteer again this January, since I deem it very important for the Charlotte dance community to grow and appreciate what Women's Showcase is doing for female choreographers.
When you are not in class, studying, working or rehearsing, what do you like to do for fun?
What else is there? I'm kind of kidding, but at the same time I'm not. I'm currently dancing with Metamorphic Dance, a student dance company founded by Lydia Heidt, which takes up a lot of my spare time. I'm not complaining, since I'm doing what I love, but between class, work, studying, and rehearsing, I rarely find any time for myself. That being said, I do try to meet my friends once a week to decompress over a few drinks.