Pollak "Alex" Tang

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography

Give a little general information about yourself: how did you become interested in art?
My interest in “art” was initially only as deep as film and television and, even then, not necessarily in the creation of it. Having spent so much of my time being absorbed in it, I was mostly curious about acting and theater. It was only after deciding that it’d probably serve me well to understand the process “behind the camera” that I began to appreciate it just as much, if not, more than the process in front of it.

What kind of career do you hope to have?
Ultimately, I would like to be involved in teaching at a collegiate level, whether or not it's related to photography, cinematography, or even foundations. While I definitely will be working professionally outside of a university setting, it’s a goal of mine to remain closely tied (and eventually return wholeheartedly) to the kinds of communities that have inspired me so much.

What is your favorite thing about the Department of Art & Art History?
The professors that I’ve met in relation to my art and art history courses have been incredible to learn from. Though not completely without gripes, I’ve felt a deep sense of support and positive energy for growth from them all. It really feels like a community of people that loves art and wants nothing more than to share that love as best they can.

When you are not in class, studying, or working, what do you like to do for fun?
Wandering around some forest somewhere has become a cherished practice. Enduring the hardships of the outdoors is an important meditative and metaphorical experience to me, even though I’m guilty of enjoying video games and watching television just as much. Dancing is also something I’m very passionate about and am pursuing a minor in.