Professor's Work in Group Exhibition in Kuwait

installation by Mary Tuma
Monday, July 1, 2019
Work by fibers professor Mary Tuma is in a group show in Kuwait.

Nothing to Write Home About (2018), a group exhibition at the KIPCO Mall in Kuwait, includes an installation by Mary Tuma, associate professor of fibers in the Department of Art & Art History. The exhibition, curated by Rana Sadik, presents works from Sadik's personal art collection produced by seven global artists.

Tuma's Internal Systems 3 (2008), which occupies the central place in the show, is a large crocheted/mixed-media installation that represents body organs. Addressing the history of Palestinian dislocation, the work is the third in a series. 

"The work reveals loss, refers to the passing of time, to the empty space within a once complete form, and to an identity that is a fragment of the milieu," writes Roma Madan Soni in a recent article in the international journal NECSUS. "In this indefinable space, the body turns into an expressive landscape; it defines the space as both real and surreal, sombre as well as comical."