Production Directed by Theatre Professor Witt Among Chicago's Top Ten for 2019

scene from Pomona
Friday, December 20, 2019
The Steep Theatre production of "Pomona" was listed as one of top theatre productions in Chicago.

The Steep Theatre (Chicago) production of Pomona, directed by Associate Professor of Theatre Robin Witt, has been named one of the Top Ten Chicago theatre productions of 2019 by the Chicago Tribune.

In his article, Tribune theatre critic Chris Jones wrote: 

"Steep Theatre is a courageous kind of theater that knows its audience will go along on some rough rides, all in the service of understanding human pain and cruelty. Alistair McDowall’s play was one such trip, filled with elliptical plot twists, strange scenes and actors willing to go to the wall to tell this story of lonely people in a cold city with emptiness and corruption at its heart. Everything in director Robin Witt’s production, of course, happened right in your face, and I watched plenty of audience members wince, and then turn back, trying to figure out the deeper truths that the show was trying to reveal, even as we all ran away."

Pictured: a scene from the Steep Theatre production of Pomona. Photo by Gregg Gilman.