Professor's New Book Demonstrates How Music Training Teaches Life Skills

Dylan Savage and his book, The Transposed Musician
Friday, May 22, 2020
Dylan Savage's new book is "The Transposed Musician."

GIA Publications, Inc., has released The Transposed Musician: Teaching Universal Skills to Improve Performance and Benefit Life, a new book by Associate Professor of Piano Dylan Savage. A resource for music educators and their students, The Transposed Musician demonstrates that the same skills necessary for a successful life -- problem-solving, patience, focus, collaboration, critical thinking, improvisation, creativity, and communication -- are also necessary for the successful musician. The book provides a practical guide to teaching these skills in the music lesson setting and then shows how they can be transposed from music to life and back again.

"Twenty-five hundred years ago Plato recommended music first in his ideal curriculum for potential leaders of Athens—before sport, mathematics, and moral philosophy. None of his candidates, one may assume, aspired to become a professional musician. Nevertheless, throughout centuries, people have acknowledged that the study and practice of music generates collateral benefits essential to human fulfillment,"  wrote Joseph Robinson, former principal oboist of the New York Philharmonic in a review of The Transposed Musician. Savage, he adds, "takes what has been implicit all along and makes it explicit." 

"This book asks and explores fascinating questions about what it means to study music in a changing world," wrote acclaimed pianist Stephen Hough in a review. "This book suggests ways in which we can break down doors, for students and teachers alike, and celebrate music as something life-affirming, in and out of the studio."

Dr. Savage is a Bösendorfer Concert Artist, a Capstone Records Recording Artist, and a winner of the Rome Festival Orchestra Competition. He is a co-author of the piano pedagogy book, A Symposium for Pianists and Teachers: Strategies to Develop the Mind and Body for Optimal Performance, on Heritage Music Press and writer of many articles found in ClavierPianoforte, and American Music Teacher magazines.