visiting artist announcement

October 18, 2010

Jesse Eric Schmidt is a visiting performance (& other) artist from NY who will be speaking on November 18 at 2:00 pm in Rowe 130.

He will spend some time discussing the philosophies of New Genres as a way of thinking & making art.  Depending on the physical set up and audience, there may be a performative aspect to the presentation.

His performative art can be viewed through the tradition of Cartesian questioning of duality, the interaction between the physical and psychological worlds. Often presented in the form of exercises, these performances have come to be known for their duration and intensity. Relevant to the histories of conceptual art, performance art and the contemporary, which seeks to operate with non-art economies (in this case psychology) Schmidt‚s meditations are manifested also in 2D, 3D, time based, and installations, and are exhibited nationally and internationally.