Brandon Boan

Artist/Co-owner of Tip Type Letterpress Print Shop

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture/Ceramics, UNC Charlotte (2005)
Master of Fine Arts, University of Delaware (2007)

Hometown: Concord, NC

Brandon Boan’s work has been shown in galleries all over the world – Italy, Russia, Brazil, Sweden – and across the U.S., from Portland to Pittsburgh, where he currently lives and works. His multi-faceted art plays with objects, space, sound, light, and technology and is often created in collaboration with others, drawing concepts and content from areas as diverse as music, architecture, poetry, and computer science. He attributes his “multi-disciplinary approaches in art-making” in part to his education here at UNC Charlotte.

“The art department offered me a unique balance of process, work ethic, and experimental support that has continued to inform my artistic practice for more than a decade,” Brandon says. “The faculty artists, especially Roy Strassberg, Joan Tweedy, Malena Bergmann, and Ashley Lathe, helped create a very open and reciprocal link between the critical methods and cultural production of art.”  

In addition to what can truly be described as cutting-edge, sometimes futuristic, art-making, Brandon is in daily communion with history. As co-owner of Tip Type, a linotype and letterpress print shop and artist project space, he sets type and makes prints with machines from the first half of the 20th century. Learn more about that work in this public radio story.

Brandon will participate in the Department of Art & Art History 2015 Biennial Alumni Exhibition in September.