Christine Promin-Stein

Adjunct Professor Theatre

Christine Promin-Stein is an actor, director, playwright, international dance emissary, and dramaturg. She holds a BFA in Theatre Education (with NC K-12 Teaching Licensure A) from UNC Greensboro, an MFA in Dramaturgy from Stony Brook University (NY), and a PhD in Education from University of Las Vegas (UNLV). She has been working in the theatre and teaching for 20 years. She has taught Creative Dramatics to children K-6 and to students with developmental disabilities at Frederick Holmes School in Hull, England. She has worked with the Kush Kemet Acting Troupe in Tanzania, helping them to incorporate TIE (Theatre in Education) into their performance while studying abroad in Tanzania.

Christine’s original plays have been staged at UNC Greensboro and Stony Brook University. Her MFA project, the original docudrama Women’s Voices Across the Globe: An Introspection, focused on women’s voices around the world and their stories of repression and triumph. Monologues from Women’s Voices Across the Globe: An Introspection premiered in New York City at Remote Lounge. Her play, My Own Personal Beckett premiered at The Beckett Festival in Las Vegas.

As a dramaturg, Christine has worked with local Charlotte theatres: Charlotte Repertory Theatre and Theatre Charlotte. Christine has collaborated as a dramaturg and director with Stony Brook University, UNLV, The Art Institute of Las Vegas, Roger Williams University, and Mount Ida College. As an actor, Christine has been performing on stage and screen since she was 13 years old. Her first performance was at The Old Courthouse Theatre in Concord.

As an international dance emissary, she has competed in several competitions including IBDC (International Belly Dance Competition), Boston Sargam Bollywood Music and Dance Competition, Saqra's Ambassadors of Belly Dance Competition & Festival, and La Danse Orientale Belly Dance Competition. She has been performing as a Middle Eastern Dance Artist and Bollywood Fusion Dancer for 10 years. She has performed for the public at cultural events and Renaissance Faires. Her most memorable performances were at Waking Persephone, International Belly Dance Festival, Rakkasah West, and Bloom.