Hannah Milillo

Bachelor of Arts, Art
Class Year: 
Wading River, NY

Give a little general information about yourself: how did you become interested in the arts/design?

The arts are an essential part of life; I am simply following my calling.

Why did you apply to the Arts + Architecture Honors Program?

I applied to the Arts + Architecture Honors Program to learn all that I possibly can about art in an academically challenging setting.

What kind of career do you hope to have?

One that fulfills and explores my passion for visual arts and continues to push my abilities. I never want to stop learning.

What is your favorite thing about the College of Arts + Architecture?

I love how enthusiastic my professors are. It’s almost like they are learning all the information for the first time. It’s very inspiring.

Do you participate in any community cultural activities or work in the Charlotte arts or design community?

Recently I painted a mural for a business’s call center in Charlotte. I transformed a very mundane wall into a work of art that motivates and uplifts the employees.

When you are not in class, studying, or working, what do you like to do for fun?

I like to play Quidditch. It is one of my favorite sports to both watch and participate in.