Jonathan Warner

Bachelor of Arts in Architecture
Class Year: 
Charlotte, NC

Give a little general information about yourself: how did you become interested in the arts/design?

I have always been interested in design and performing arts ever since I was a little kid! I have been dancing since I was four years old and still dance today. On the architecture side of things, I took particular interest in building construction/design at a young age as well. I find it interesting to see how performing arts and architecture can be intertwined to generate something new in the field of both dance and architecture.

Why did you apply to the Arts + Architecture Honors Program?

I applied to the Arts + Architecture Honors Program in hopes that I could delve deeper into my field of study. AAHP gives me opportunities to explore research in all of my design interest as well as collaborate with others.

What kind of career do you hope to have?

I hope to have a career that lets me explore design interest in both dance and architecture. These two fields may stay separate from one another, but I aim to create a career that lets me engage in both of these simultaneously. I am not sure how I will accomplish this but I hope to explore new ideas and means of architectural practice in my future.

What is your favorite thing about the School of Architecture?

My favorite thing about the School of Architecture is the relationship between students and their professors. I personally have made some great relationships with professors that allow me to discuss ideas in an informal but productive way. We call professors by their first names and establish friend-like relationships with them. Class with our architecture professors is a great atmosphere, and it makes learning so much easier.

Do you participate in any community cultural activities or work in the Charlotte arts or design community?

There are not any specific organizations or cultural activities I conduct in on regular basis; however, I choreograph at a few studios around the Charlotte area. I am super grateful for these studios to give me the opportunity to make my visions come to life as well as giving me the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people in the dance community.

When you are not in class, studying, working or rehearsing, what do you like to do for fun?

When I am not in the architecture studio or the dance studio I love to do things like cook, paint, and hang out with friends! Cooking is one of my absolute favorite things to do! I love to learn how to combine ingredients to create something that is unique and delicious. I find cooking to be a particularly unique art form that begins to combine science as well as creativity.