Michael Clapp

Part-Time Lecturer, Architecture

Michael Clapp is an architect and Lecturer at the School of Architecture, leading design studios focused on technology and integrated systems. 

His research interrogates modes of representation to speculate on scales of consciousness. Explorations of scale span a range of dynamics as well as matters of degree. These become the basis for his interests in how technical awareness affects traditional modes of communication through design. Investigations range from two-dimensional imagery to time-based projective overlays in order to engage topics beyond dimension. He founded SCHEMATA|studio in 2017, seeking to challenge traditional frameworks of design amid a constant evolution of technical acuity. SCHEMATA‚Äôs portfolio encompasses built work at a range of scales as well as installation-based studies of analogue and digital production.

Michael received a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Tennessee Knoxville Summa Cum Laude in 2009 and a Master of Architecture with Distinction from Harvard Graduate School of Design in 2017.