Robby Sachs

Fabrication Lab Manager

Robby grew up in Charlotte but he also left because adventures abound. He has lived in many places and he has worked in those places doing many things for many people. Mostly he fixes what is broken, creates what doesn’t exist and generally saves your project. Robby is not an architect, but he is a painter, a print-maker, a mathematician, physicist, climber and cyclist. His industrial design work is out there making the world a better place in the hands of safety/rescue workers and swat teams. Sadly, some of his professional work is also in the hands of fast food employees improving the speed and consistency of mayonnaise delivery worldwide. He can’t win ‘em all. If he is here, he is covered in sawdust and can be found in Storrs Lab. If he is not here, he is on the side of some mountain with his wife and dog.