About Robinson Hall

As UNC Charlotte’s facility for the performing arts, Robinson Hall is where the weeks and months of planning, programming, and behind-the-scenes work give way to presentation to live audiences. Every production is an opportunity for students and faculty to investigate and understand by doing and a medium through which the arts illuminate, inspire, or confront.

The dynamic between audience and performer assumes a more urgent tone in the higher education setting of Robinson Hall. Public performances reinforce our role as a resource to the arts community in Charlotte. More than a venue, Robinson Hall offers a space to challenge preconceptions and present students, faculty, and audiences with other ways of seeing the world in order to stimulate and amplify community dialogue.

The Departments of Dance, Music, and Theatre are headliners at Robinson Hall. The primary role of our two theaters – the 340-seat, proscenium-style Anne R. Belk Theater and the intimate 125-seat, “black box” Lab Theater – is to support the education of our students in the processes of performing arts production. In the weeks before the performance, the theater space becomes a laboratory as students hang lights, construct sets, work sound and rehearse, learning how to carry out the remarkable technical operations necessary to stage and produce a show.