CoA+A IT Labs

The College of Arts + Architecture offers several high-end computer lab options to the students, faculty and staff. We fully maintain a wide variety of software and hardware that ensures students have all of the necessary resources available to them. Each computer has the ability to run either the Windows or Macintosh operating systems. This allows the students to run any software necessary, no matter what computer they are using. Whether the need is 3-D modeling, image manipulation, video editing, music composition, audio editing, CAD, GIS, BIM, or high-quality, large-format printing, the IT infrastructure in the CoA+A can support all student needs.

All of the labs, classrooms, and production facilities are tightly integrated with the curriculum and updated annually to ensure that students are using the latest in creative design and production technology. The goal of the IT staff is to deploy technology that morphs to meet the needs of the end user, is as transparent as possible, and robust enough to support all uses.

The IT department maintains 12 student computer labs across the university, including areas in the Center City Building. The department is constantly working to keep up and support the needs of the end users.  For this reason, hardware and software installed within the labs may change per semester. Faculty and students should verify with the department prior to the start of their classes. 

Our Goals:

► Deploy and support technology that morphs to meet the needs of the college's mission and vision

► Constantly work towards making the technology transparent and seamless in its use

► Actively explore the usability of new & existing technologies and ensure they remain robust enough to support all uses

The College of Arts & Architecture IT Department is comprised of four full time staff members and is supported by seasonal student staff.