Architecture Labs

The Labs of the School of Architecture have been developed over thirty years to advance specific research, design development, and personal projects by all qualified students, faculty and staff. The labs are an integral component of our teaching mission and afford qualified users access to the machines, tools, and assistance necessary to complete a vast array of work. We strive to create a flexible learning environment that encourages safety, material awareness, precision, creativity, and common sense.

The wood, metal and digital labs are located on the ground floor in Storrs Hall, the home of the School of Architecture. Students wishing to use the facilities are required to complete a basic orientation, typically during first year or summer orientation for graduates. Hours of operation are posted on the entry door to each lab, and at least one employee is present during all operating hours. Working with machinery and tools is inherently dangerous and can pose personal injury and limited environmental risks. It is the responsibility of each and every user to familiarize themselves with all safety policies and procedures, as well as any individual limitations.

The labs are used by qualified students and faculty of the College of Arts+Architecture who:

  1. Are enrolled or employed and have completed a basic orientation session, OR
  2. Have been approved by the Lab Director as competent in the safe use of the equipment.

For more information, please visit the Storrs FABlabs page.