Visual Resources Collection

The Visual Resources Collection (VRC) of the College of Arts + Architecture (COA+A) develops and manages a sustainable collection of digital images, sound, and video resources used in the educational service of teaching and learning, research, public events, and programming collaborations.

The Visual Resources Collection (VRC) is a college and university resource with holdings of more than 92,200 digital images, including  the VRC Archive and Virtual Museum. Established in 1979, the collection has expanded to meet the needs of the art and architecture history courses and seminars, the studio classes, building technology, and elective courses for both undergraduate and graduate programs. Image holdings include collections for major historical periods from the time of ancient and prehistoric cultures through the twenty-first century. The VRC provides images for classroom and research purposes, archives student digital work, aids in College fundraising, supports student multi-media projects, and collaborates with other departments and communities.

Images are collected through personal and published work and the purchase of commercial materials. The collection is organized and cataloged following the VRA Core and CCO guidelines established by the Visual Resources Association. Approximately 12,000 digital resources are added to the collection each year.

The VRC office is located within the Charles C. Hight Architecture Library in the Storrs Building.

For more information, please contact

Jenna Duncan, Visual Resources Lecturer
Storrs 200F

For more information about the VRC and its policies, see VRC Facts and Policies.

Saving Digital Images: The COA+A has established guidelines for saving digital images. Please see the Saving Digital Images Guide for more information.

Citation of Images: Please reference this document to learn the Proper Citation of Images.

Submission of Media: Faculty and students may submit photographs, audio or video recordings, or other digital representations of their work to the Visual Resources Collection. See instructions for submission.

Use of Student and Faculty Work

The College of Arts + Architecture (COA+A) of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNC Charlotte) may use digital copies of student and faculty work for educational purposes, including archival, teaching, research, recruitment, promotion, and fundraising. The Student Works Form and Faculty Non-Exclusive License serve as notification of this protocol and your rights.