Audition Information


AUDITION Information

Migrant X

The Department of Theatre's opening show of the 2021-22 Season

Directed by Carlos Cruz
Music Direction by Shamou

WHENMarch 4, 2021 from 5 to 7 PM

WHERE: Arts Quad, Pavilion Stage (scaffolding structure)

WHO: Auditions for Migrant X are open to all members of the UNCC community. The play features roles for both LatinX students and students who identify as members of other racial/ethnic groups.


To audition, please:

1)    Submit an audition form online HERE. Important step to anticipate the process and schedule to follow for the live auditions. 

2)    Attend the in-person auditions on March 4 (arrive at 5pm) and be prepared to share if prompted the following:

  • A brief movement piece, telling a story in a physical way (no words) of a journey, from point A to point B.
  • A spoken piece: we would also like you to tell us a brief personal story of a moment in which you had to intercede or advocate for someone wrongly accused of something.
QUESTIONS about preparing and/or submitting your audition materials? Please email Carlos Cruz at

A World Premiere by Georgina Escobar and commissioned by the UNC Charlotte Department of Theatre. The Colonias del Norte in a country that’s Everywhere in a time that is between Everywhen and Neverwas. When Numa, a young migrant and Christmas tree farmer is wrongfully accused of robbery and detained indefinitely at a "Huesos" facility, a group of unlikely migrants join on the quest to fight for justice and release him, each taking us deeper into their own personal journey as they go along the way. Led by a troupe of players and the God of Mischief, HueHue, Migrant X is an imaginative futura-funk piece that asks the questions: where have you been, where are you going, and most importantly—who are the people you cross paths with?

Note: While our production centers the LatinX experience in our city, we aim to bring this story to life as told by a multicultural theatre ensemble. Actors, Musicians, Dancers, Acrobats, Improvisers, Storytellers all welcomed and encouraged to audition.


Migrant X  (THEA 2402: Performance Practicum) will be performed live in the Arts Quad, October 2-6, 2021.


Rehearsals will begin early Fall semester 2021. They will take place in-person in Robinson Hall, Rowe Arts, and the Arts Quad.

Roles/Personajes de la Historia:

HUEHUECOYOTL (or HueHue pronounced “way way”)1 — (M or F or both) The emblematic, stylized narrator who leads us into and out of our journey, who also looks the most mythic and carries the most history.

THE BAND — An ensemble of 8-14 multifarious and multi-talented performers and musicians who make up our theatrical traveling troupe. Dancers, movers, clowns, instrumentalists, and any combination makes up “The Band.” They are our shepherds us through the journey, set up our world, and collectively embody the following—


ÉVER—(F) Born South of the Southwest, she’s been in The Colonias (The Colonies) since she was nine years old. She is a Believer (think Dreamer or DACA) and a fabulist student. She is bilingual. Energetic and with a contagious vibrancy, she is sharp, witty and blunt. A true leader albeit plagued with a normal level of 20-something-year-old insecurity. The vintage | retro | nostalgia of her mood and style confirms that we are in a heightened near-future version of today.

NUMA — (M) 20s. An observative and pensive Pinero, (a Christmas tree migrant farmworker) who is enchanting, charming and refreshingly grounded to some—although he remains a dark mystery to others. A native Spanish speaker with a tender love and respect for all things of and about The Colonias (The Colonies) where he spends 9 months out of the year. Wrongfully accused of voter fraud and unbeknownst to him, he has a warrant out for his arrest.

ÁNZEL — 20s. Vibrant, verbose, agile and animated. Similar to Éver, they grow Suculenta piel de cocodrilo (crocodile skin succulent; Haworthia limifolia) on their head, except the difference is they wear it with pride. They have a smile and heart that could melt an iceberg and if one didn’t know any better, we’d think them an angel.

EL GUERO— (M) 20s. An overly anxious but hard-working art student with terrible stage-fright and a fading passion for anything political. Recently having learned of a family secret, he feels out of place and out of sorts with the world. If we didn’t know any better, we’d totally assume he was just a typical white dude…but he’s not.

And Also…

• TRANSL8R- 20s. The super hip, super now, super woke but also super not, college student who’s doing this transl8ting thing for cash.

• OPERATOR- 30s. A dispatch operator for the Huesos and also a search engine personified.

• EL PANADERO- 40s. An immigrant and a damn good baker who gives farmworkers their dose of faith and daily bread. An advocate and basically, a saint.

• THE HUESOS- The methodic and robotic provocateurs who execute the law and hide behind masks (think the ICE of a fascist future).

QUESTIONS? Please email Carlos Cruz at