Undergraduate Certificate in Musical Theatre

Program Description

The Undergraduate Certificate in Musical Theatre serves undergraduate students interested in obtaining performance and applied research skills in musical theatre. It is open to students from any major in the University.

Musical Theatre Certificate classes are offered at the UNC Charlotte main campus, with one course, Musical Theatre History, being offered online. The curriculum consists of 20 credits of coursework that includes singing, acting, and dance, along with music theatre history, rudimentary sight-singing, and music theatre workshop. Students will practice and study the craft, theory and historical evolution of music theatre. Students pursuing the certificate may enhance the likelihood of gaining admission into competitive graduate performance programs and/or of successfully auditioning for musical theatre productions.

The Department of Theatre defines the term "musical theatre" in a way that embraces the richness and diversity of this challenging interdisciplinary art form, which includes musical comedy, the musical play, new and alternative musical theatre, "Broadway opera," cabaret, and revue. Students receive technique training in acting complemented by training in vocal technique, musicianship, dance, and the study of the repertoire of musical theatre in print and recordings, as well as in rehearsal and performance.

Program Requirements

Any courses in the musical theatre certificate program completed prior to formal admission into the program will subsequently be applied towards the Certificate. All required courses must be passed with a grade of ā€œCā€ or better to earn the Undergraduate Certificate in Musical Theatre.

Admission Requirements

Admission into the Certificate is by audition. Auditions for program entrance in Spring 2020 will take place on December 5, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm in Robinson 145.

Any courses in the Musical Theatre certificate completed prior to formal admission into the program will subsequently be applied towards the certificate.

Course Catalog: Musical Theatre, Undergraduate Certificate