The College of Arts + Architecture advances contemporary aesthetic, scholarly, and material practices through demonstrated excellence and leadership in teaching, scholarly and creative research, and public and professional engagement.

Today’s students are incredibly skilled, passionate, curious, and realistic, but they confront global challenges we’re just beginning to understand. The College is committed to preparing students for a lifetime of sustained art-making. Though the forms of art-making and design practice will change over time and according to new contexts, the core belief in the power of the arts to enhance people’s lives forms the bedrock of the CoA+A.

The College’s vision is defined through four challenges to contemporary arts and architecture:

  • Emergence…of new ideas, skills, potential
    • Diverse networks of teaching and research promote dynamic, experiential learning that leads to new knowledge and expanded imagination.
  • Connectivity…with our communities
    • Engaged leadership, combining expertise and humility, serves and shapes our communities.
  • Collaboration…with partners both like and unlike ourselves
    • Cooperative and both cross- and interdisciplinary practices ignite innovation and enrich our experiences.
  • Professionalism…as both behavior and outcome
    • Respect for other people and our environment along with measurable competency guide the future of our disciplines and the vitality of our work.

Five themes help define our degree programs, collaborations, scholarship, external funding, and engagement strategies:

  • Arts Education … preparing teachers, extending creative leadership and design thinking
  • Environmental Engagement … promoting sustainability in ecology, economy, and culture
  • Global Education & Practices … encouraging cultural empathy and pluralistic perspectives through scholarship and engagements at home and abroad
  • Innovation …creating new works that imagine, reflect, interpret and challenge our world today
  • Technology … exploring digital mediums and the communicative role of technology in the arts