About the School of Architecture

The mission of the School of Architecture (SoA) is to provide intellectual, ethical, and innovative leadership in architecture and urban design through excellence in teaching, scholarly research, creative architectural practice, and community activism.

Faculty and students at the School of Architecture are committed to creating an open-minded and creative atmosphere to pursue research, explore new forms of building, and discover collaborative practices that nurture human potential. Our graduates understand where knowledge comes from and how to integrate their voice with others to influence the art and science of architecture. The School of Architecture opens opportunities to students through interdisciplinary programs, close alliances with the profession, and active programs in the community.

The creation of architecture is inherently complex, requiring design vision and competence; effective visual communication and literacy; cultural, historical and theoretical perspective; technological knowledge; environmental responsibility; sophisticated problem solving skills; and creative leadership. Architects must possess knowledge of science and liberal arts, ethics, critical thinking, and research methods. Architects understand the value of building an intellectual foundation that embraces the widest possible range of knowledge and ideas.

We invite you to join us in this quest to question, apply knowledge, speculate, and engage in the discourse of how architecture shapes our lives!

The School publishes an online collection of current faculty and student essays, The Thinking Architect.

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