Student Organizations

Students in the College of Arts + Architecture have numerous opportunities to join discipline-specific student organizations that enrich their experiences at UNC Charlotte. In addition, the College supports an interdisciplinary student organization dedicated to connecting the disciplines within the College and realizing the potential of their integration.


American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS)
Faculty Advisor: Marc Manack
2018-19 President: Sarah Feiner

Freedom by Design
Faculty Advisor: Marc Manack
2018-19 Director: Claire LaFontaine

National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS)
Faculty Advisor: Gustavo Leclerc
2018-19 President: Joseph Santarelli

Master of Architecture Student Society (MASS)
2017-18 President: Milad Rogha


Digital Art Mob
Faculty Advisor: Heather Freeman

Art of Light Photo Club
Faculty Advisor: Aspen Hochhalter

Society of Art Historians
Faculty Advisor: Lisa Homann
2018-19 President: Louis Shockley

National Art Education Association Student Chapter
Faculty Advisor: Jane Dalton
President: Nancy McGuire

American Institute of Graphic Arts Student Chapter
Faculty Advisor: Cynthia Franks
President: Alexia Little

Cerama (Ceramics Club)
Faculty Advisor: Shelly Ellis
2018-19 President: Erin Nicholas

Art and Mindfulness Student Organization
Faculty Advisor: Jane Dalton
President: Alyson Flynt


Range of Motion Dance Ensemble 
Faculty Advisor: Gretchen Alterowitz
2018-19 President: Cara McMahon

MOVE Dance Alliance
Faculty Advisor: E.E. Balcos
2018-19 President: Madeline Yentsch


Collegiate Chapter of the National Association for Music Education
Faculty Advisor:  Jennifer Whitaker
2018-19 President: Kevin Butler

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia
Faculty Advisor: Jeremy Marks
2018-19 President: Taylor Sherman 

Queen City Gems
Faculty Advisor:  Jessica Lindsey
2018-19 President: Emily Asbill

UNCC Choirs
Faculty Advisor:  Randy Haldeman
2018-19 President: Hannah Shuskey

Orchestras at UNC Charlotte
Faculty Advisor:  Jonathan Govias
2018-19 President: Reileigh Brown


Robinson Hall Players
Faculty Advisor: Tom Burch
2018-19 President: Ginger Duchi

A.A.C.C.T. (Aerial Artistry Contemporary Circus Troupe)
Faculty Advisor: Carlos Cruz
2018-19 President: Jacqueline Williams 

Theatre Student Writer’s Guild
Faculty Advisor: Lynne Conner