Welcome to the Department of Dance

In the Department of Dance at UNC Charlotte, students find rigorous dance training and academic preparation and the flexibility and support needed to pursue individual interests and career paths. UNC Charlotte faculty are diverse in their perspectives and trainings and innovative leaders in performance, choreography, dance scholarship, and teacher training. Our professional advisors help students navigate double majors and minors. Dance study is enhanced by state of the art facilities; the interdisciplinary nature of our College of the Arts + Architecture; study abroad opportunities; and the activities of a vibrant campus and the bustling, arts-minded city of Charlotte. Follow us on Facebook!

UNC Charlotte's Department of Dance does not require an audition for acceptance; auditions are for placement only. Twice a year, the Department offers an open house that provides prospective students opportunities to take classes, meet faculty members and current students, and find out more about scholarships, financial aid, and opportunities within the department. Faculty and staff also welcome the opportunity to get to know prospective students and their families. 

Due to the COVID pandemic, the University has changed to online instruction for the beginning of the year. Therefore, the Dance Department has cancelled our January 30th Open House.
In lieu of this change, Delia Neil, the Director of Undergraduate Studies, will be available for 15-minute informational sessions on Saturday, January 30, from 9am to 12pm. Registration is required. A Zoom invite will be sent to you once you have signed-up. Register here.