Diversity & Equity

From Dean Brook Muller

The arts and design have a significant role to play in igniting the civic imagination, finding meaning, telling the truth, touching our emotions, challenging our assumptions, and ushering in positive change. As a college in a university with an urban research mission, the CoA+A is dedicated to working toward an anti-racist society while providing perspectives on the challenges and injustices of our current moment.  

With this commitment in mind, we pursue a better understanding of the past. One prevalent view of American history reads like a checklist in a steady march of progress. There are other histories that are deeply troubling and violent and that speak to the reality of inequality generation after generation. As an intellectual community, we will better inform ourselves and each other of these histories and how they have affected higher education through and through. We commit as a mission-based intellectual community to reevaluating who we are and what we aspire to; the curricula we uphold; the priorities, policies, and practices that guide our work; and those who we bring to our college that will shape our common future. We enlist the arts and design in helping break cycles of discrimination and in working toward more positive, empowering, and just futures.

At the University a conscious effort is made to not only recognize the campus community as diverse but also to prepare our students for life’s diverse conditions.  See the full overview of the University’s Diversity Plan.

The 2019-2020 CoA+A Diversity Council:

Carlos Cruz Casas, Council Chair
Aly Amidei (Theater)

Nadia Anderson (Architecture)

David Gall (Art & Art History)

Hali Hutchison (PAS)

Kim Jones (Dance)

Kelsey Klotz (At-Large)

Over the past several years, members of our faculty have attended leadership training and diversity symposiums on our campus as well as important conferences off campus, such as those presented by the North Carolina Diversity and Inclusion Partners and the Association of American Colleges & Universities (Diversity, Learning, and Student Success: Policy, Practice, Privilege). We have hosted national leaders on Diversity and Inclusion to our campus to speak, present, and/or perform for our students, faculty, and staff. Our guests have included Dr. Lester Monts (Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs from the University of Michigan), First Wave Hip Hop Theater (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Dr. Eddie Moore (America & MOORE, LLC).

Diversity Newsletter June 2020