SoA Teams Are Among Competition Finalists

Friday, December 14, 2018

Two graduate student teams based in SoA professor Nadia Anderson’s Studio Peru and one based in the City.Building.Lab research center were finalists in the Habitat for Inhabitants-Lima’s Human Right to Housing competition sponsored by Discover Needs Architecture (DNADD). DNADD is a non-profit based in Italy that seeks to educate the public about housing insecurity, advocate for those who live in precarious situations, and develop new housing solutions. The Habitat for Inhabitants architecture competition challenged designers 35 or younger to design modular housing for informal neighborhoods in Lima, Peru. There were more than 300 entries, with three winners, three honorable mentions, and 45 finalists.

The UNC Charlotte projects were:

“Hogarrriba” by Arturo Lujan (pictured)

"Module 8" by Jennifer Van Der Heide, Lari McAbee, and Chelsea Giroux

“Hinged House” by Tarah Weston and Blake Wetherington, with input from Nadia Anderson

Hogarriba by Arturo Lujan